AGT All sytar winners 2023
AGT All sytar winners 2023

AGT All-Stars Winner 2023 : Champion, Who will be the first-ever AGT all-stars Winners & Runner up, AGT all-stars 2023 Champion

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AGT all-stars Winner 2023: Hold your breath now! Because your favourite AGT star may win AGT 2023 & become AGT Champion. NBC competition series American Got Talent all-star is about to wrap up tonight at 9:00 PM.


AGT all-stars winner Voting is about to finish and so are you ready to witness the first-ever winner of the AGT all-stars finale 2023?

Here’s everything you need to know about the AGT all-stars finale and the winner of the first season.

AGT all-stars winner 2023

Aidan Bryant was announced as the winner of AGT stars 2023, the 18 years old self-taught aerialist got the maximum votes to become the winner. Sexophonish Avery Dixon was announced as the first runner-up of the season.

  • America Got Talent All Stars 2023 Winner: Aidan Bryant 🏆
  • America Got Talent All Stars 2023, 1st Runner-Up: Avery Dixon
  • America Got Talent All Stars 2023, 2nd Runner-Up: Light Balance Kids

The winner of America Got Talent All Stars Received a whoppingly large cash prize of $500,000

AGT all-stars First Runner Up

According to our predictions, Tom Ball, who was the second runner-up on Britain’s Got Talent, is expected to be a contestant again as a singer. It’s ironic, considering he already had significant public support and received a lot of applause on various social media platforms.

However, we’ll have to wait for the announcement of the AGT All-Stars 2023 winner to know for sure.


AGT all-stars price money 2023

The Winner AGT 2023: All-Stars winner will receive a grand prize of $25,000, in addition to the coveted title of AGT All-Stars winner. The prize money for the first runner-up and other positions will be announced soon. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

AGT all stars finalists

10Tom Ball BGT 2022Singer 
11Kodi LeeAGT: S14 – WinnerSinger
1Aidan BryantAGT S16 & AGT ALL-STAR WINNER 2023Aerialist
2Aidan McCannBGT 2022Magician
3Ana Maria MărgeanRGT WINNER 2021Ventriloquist 
4Avery DixonAGT SN17Musician
5Bello SistersAGT SN17Hand Balancing 
6Detroit Youth ChoirAGT SN14Choir
7Light Balance KidsAGT SN14Dance
8Mike E WinfieldAGT SN 17Comedian
9Power DuoPGT WINNER 2016Aerialists

AGT all-stars Winner Anouncement

Who won AGT all stars 2023?

Aidan Bryant as the winner of AGT all stars 2023