Amali Dimond Biography

Amali Dimond Biography (Australian Idol), Age, Net worth, Wiki

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Amali Dimond is Australian Singer. 16-year-old most talented Australian singer shocked the judges as well as the contestants of Australian Idol 2023.

She is roaring in this season of Australian idol and now confirmed her place as Top 6 Contestant in Australian idol

Amali Dimond Biography /Wiki

Stage NameAmali
HometownSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Amali Dimond Biography 

Amali Dimond Childhood 

Amali was born in Sydney, Australia back in the year 2007 and as of the year 2023, she is 16 years old. Irrespective of her age, Amali was the first contestant of Australian Idol season 8 to make it to the top 50.

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Amali Dimond Journey in Australian Idol

She is a promising singer, has recently auditioned for Australian Idol in January 2023. Her announcement on Instagram about the audition news was met with excitement from her followers, who have been long-awaiting her next big break. Known for her mesmerizing voice, Amali has never failed to impress her audience with her singing talent.

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Amali Performance in Australian Idol

Her remarkable performance during the audition left a lasting impression on the judges and audience alike, resulting in a resounding yes from all the judges. In fact, one of the judges, Harry, even predicted that Amali had the potential to make it to the top 5 list in the competition.

This isn’t Amali’s first foray into the world of Australian Idol. In season 8, she secured a spot in the top 50 contestants during the auditions and was even handed the coveted golden ticket. With her impressive audition in the current season, it seems like Amali is set to take the competition by storm once again.

Amali Dimond’s Age : How Old is Amali?

Currently, the 16-year-old has made it to the top 12 positions in Australian Idol season 8. So, as far as her journey as a singer goes it could be said that Amalia is working her way up towards achieving the title of Australian Idol season 8.

Amali Dimond’s Net Worth & Education

Her Net worth is officially not yet confirmed. once we get details about education update we will update

Will be shared soon

Amali’s Parents

No details of Amali’s parents are available across the internet.

Amali diamond Audition Performence

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Who Is Amali Australian Idol?

Amali is an Australian Singer. The 16-year-old most talented Australian singer shocked the judges as well as the contestants of Australian Idol 2023. she appeared in the current season of Australian idol 2023.

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