American Idol Auditions 2023, How to apply for American Idol casting call

American Idol 2023-24, the Application process, Judges & Start Date, How to apply

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American Idol 2023-24 Audition Update

American Idol is one of those TV shows that have earned its name for its extreme entertainment quality. The show has been successfully running for more than 19 seasons now. Even though the show is one of the most popular shows on earth they have failed to score an excellent IMDb score. However, positive reviews always pour in when people witness new singing talent in this show.

For those people who do not know what American Idol is that it is a show where participants showcase their singing talent. Several contestants who have won the American Idol title have later become sensational singers in their careers as they got a boost after winning. The very first episode of this popular TV show was released back in the year 2002 on June 11th.

All About American Idol 2023

American Idol has run their 19 seasons successfully and it is quite normal that its next show will also be a super hit. Well, contestants would have stayed updated on the latest news and updates made by the concerned authorities. This is because they should not miss out on an opportunity in case there have been certain crucial updates.

The 2023 American Idol would probably begin in Feb 2023 and the registration process needs to be completed before that. A step-wise guide would be the perfect guide for new contestants in case they do not know the registration process. It is also important for the contestants to visit only the official website for such information.

Registration Process For American Idol Audition 2023

The registration process is one of the most important processes that prove to be crucial for the participants. There is a process for registration that the contestants need to follow and only then they will be able to get themselves registered. The steps mentioned below should be enough for interested candidates to sign up/register themselves for the American Idol Audition 2023.

Eligibility Criteria for American Idol Audition 2023:

  • Candidates would have to first check their eligibility before they even apply for the registration process.
  • Candidates only who are between the age group 15-28 should apply for the registration process online.
  • Candidates should be legal residents of the United States.
  • Candidates should not have been a contestant in the previous season or have advanced to any kind of particular stage.

American Idol Audition Registration Process:

  • Interested participants/contestants would require visiting the official website.
  • Participants would have to submit an online audition tape once the application for 2023 is open.
  • Participants would not have to worry about any fees because auditions are free on American Idol.
  • Once done submitting the audition tape candidates/participants would have to answer a few personal questions.
  • The pre-registration should open one week before the audition day for each of the audition cities.

Final List Of American Idol Contestants 2023

Contestants should also keep in mind some of the most crucial details while going for the audition. There may be no fee that the contestants have to pay but they will also not be provided with a travel allowance. This is because contestants would have to pay for their travel expenses. Let us have a look at some of the highlights of American Idol Contestants 2023.

  • Participants/contestants would have to visit the official website of American Idol to stay updated with the latest information. It is on this official website where they would have to register themselves as well.
  • Once the contestants have cleared their eligibility criteria they would be permitted to submit an audition video on the official website itself.
  • Once submitted the audition tape selected candidates would receive a notification of the further steps. In case the candidate does not receive a notification then there is always a next chance.
  • Participants should be solely responsible for their travel costs because even if the audition is done free of cost there are certain things that the candidates have to bear.
  • Singing in groups or bands is not allowed. In case you are the lead singer of your band or group then you would have to audition independently.

The final list of contestants has yet to be released as of now.

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Who Are The American Idol Judges 2023?

There have been several judges who have played a crucial part in their judgment of this show. However, legendary singer Lionel Richie, superstar Katy Perry and the famous Luke Bryan have yet to confirm their return as judges in this show. The confirmation news should come anytime soon. Well, it should have been in the news by now because the next season is expected to start mid-Feb 2023.

American Idol 2023: Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie join as judges
American Idol 2023 Judge – Final

American Idol Start Date Details 2023

There has been certain news about the start date of the next season of American Idol. The exact date has also been confirmed by the concerned authorities. It is said that the next season of American Idol would start on the 19th of Feb 2023. There are various platforms where fans can watch the first episode of the 21st season of American Idol. ABC will be broadcasting the 21st season of American Idol.

How To Watch The American Idol Show 2023?

The show will continue to broadcast to wherever it was broadcasting before. Fans can continue watching the episodes of the singing competition season on ABC and as well as on Hulu Plus. Fans or viewers would have to confirm that they have got their subscription or else they may not be able to watch the episodes of the 21st season of American Idol.

There are other platforms where viewers can have the option to watch American Idol in case they do not have a cable log-in. some of them are Fubu Tv, Live Tv, Youtube TV, and Directv Stream. Youtube is also one of those platforms where viewers would be able to watch recorded episodes. In case a viewer would want to re-watch the entire episode then they may visit youtube.

However, viewers can also get the chance to watch American Idol live for free on Hulu Plus. However, the viewers would have to have the free trial version of it. there is a limited free trial offered to new viewers where they can enjoy free Tv shows and movies.

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When is American Idol 2023 coming back?

According to a Press Release from ABC, the blockbuster Singing reality show will be aired on ABC on Sunday, February 19, 2023.

How to Watch American Idol 2023?

Initially, the Show will be aired on ABC and as well as on Hulu Plus but if you have a Subscription to Fubu Tv, Live Tv, Youtube TV, and Directv Stream.

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