America Got Talent Audition 2023-24, Application, Start Date, How to Get Cast

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America’s Got Talent Audition 2023-24: What if talented people had got no platform to show their hidden talent? People would surely get frustrated and there would be no innovation in the world. In the same way, America’s Got Talent is a beautiful platform for all people to show their unique talent. You can perform anything on this stage that you are better at.


American’s Got Talent is frequently abbreviated as AGT around the world. This talent show competition was created by none other than the famous judge Simon Cowell. Interestingly, he is also the creator of another famous singing show ‘X Factor USA’. Ever since its establishment way back in 2006, the show has aired 17 seasons so far along with 416 episodes.

The show along with huge success faced a lot of criticism and was a part of huge controversies. It was in 2022, that one of the judges of the show spoke about a culture that was not appreciated. This made the show the latest headlines in the country. Still, the platform is one of the best places to show your hidden talent and earn fame for it.

America’s Got Talent Show Details

First aired in 2006 to date, the show has a lot of details that you might know and might not. Interestingly, this program was aired because of the cancellation of other British programs. Back in 2005, a British version of the talent show was suspended and America’s Got Talent was aired the following year in the month of June.


Ever since this program started airing, they attracted lots of participants from different parts of the country. It became a popular platform even for lower-class people to make a name for themselves.

Now, some of the basic yet important details that one must know regarding this talent show is given in the table below:-

Show nameAmerica’s Got Talent 2023-24
The country originated fromUnited States of America
The first season airedJune 21, 2006
Original release networkNBC
Production companiesFremantle USA Syco Entertainment
Running time per episode60-120 minutes
Executive producersSimon Cowell,
Richard Wallace,
Trish Kinane,
Rob Wade,
Jason Raff, and
Sam Donnelly
DistributorFremantle is the distributor

These are some of the basic details that are connected to the famous American talent show.


How to apply for America’s Got Talent Audition 2024 

People might wonder how the show’s audition processes are or do they have any auditions. Yes, to become a part of this beautiful talent show you have to go through an audition. Not all people are selected but, everyone is allowed to give an audition. So, it becomes your duty to perform your talent well in front of the selectors. 

Now, America’s Got Talent has three rounds of the audition. Every round consists of different judges to judge your skills. Interestingly, these auditions are mostly held in public venues to make it easier for people to know about the show. 

First Round- Auditions 

The first round is where everyone is welcome to perform on the stage. All the candidates are sent one by one to the stage to perform. Here, the participant is given only 90 seconds to perform. All the judges have buzzers on their hands and if that is pressed it means they are not impressed. After you are done with your performance judges give you feedback. 

Second Round

This is the second stage of America’s Got Talent’s audition round. Here, the judges conduct a special round for participants they were slightly impressed with the first round. In this stage, all the participants selected in the first round go through the training process. The training is given to perfect their act or performance. Again buzzers are used to terminate if your performance is not appreciated. 


Live Rounds 

This is the third and final stage in America’s Got Talent audition process. All the participants who are selected are given golden buzzers by judges. Now, all the selected participants are further divided into groups and all of them compete against each other. 

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How to audition for America’s Got Talent 2023-24?

The audition process for America’s Got Talent is very simple. Here is the schedule for America Got talent 2023 Audition

America Got Talent Auditions 2023
America Got Talent Auditions 2023
FULL AGT 2023 AuditionVirtual 28 Jan 2023
AGT Virtual AuditionVirtual8 Feb 2023
AGT Virtual AuditionVirtual19 Feb 2023
AGT Virtual AuditionVirtual27 Feb 2023
America Got Talent 2023 Audition Schedule

You need to visit the official website, Fill out the form and submit the application.

By now, everyone is cleared with the audition process taken by America’s Got Talent. Before going for the first round there are certain steps that one needs to follow. You just cannot enter the stage directly on the first round itself. Participants must read all the terms and conditions set by the hosts of the show. 

To audition for America’s Got Talent 2023 (AGT 2023) you must visit Now, after visiting their official website do not forget to create an account. Without creating an account you won’t be able to move further. Even if you have visited one of the previous seasons of the show, you still need to create a new account. 


After you have created an account on the official website you need to create a short video. This short video will include your talent and every basic detail such as name, address, occupation, and date. If your video meets the terms and conditions then you will be called for the first round of auditions. 

How to get America’s Got Talent 2023-24 Tickets? 

Fortunately, the tickets for 2023 AGT is available on various ticket booking platforms. This talent show not only takes place in a single place but, all around the country. All the list and venues of their airing dates are available on the internet. 


Now, if you are willing to book a ticket for any show you must visit The tickets available on this platform are genuine and the average cost is $60. You do not need to visit any store manually to get your tickets everything can be done online. 

America’s Got Talent 2023-24 Judges 

To run a show you need judges and a host to operate them smoothly. America’s Got Talent has seen one of the best judges in its history. These judges give genuine and tough feedback to all the participants. It is their job to judge the participants well because the winner will get 1 million dollars at the end. 

Now, the judges for this talent show have always been the same. The judges for 2023 for America’s Got Talent are the following:-

  • Simon Cowell 
  • Howie Mandel
  • Heidi Klum 
HOW TO APPLY FOR America's Got Talent Audition 2023?
Final List of America’s Got Talent Judges

Interestingly, the programmers will launch the first show next year on January 2nd. So, if you are willing to watch new talents start booking your tickets now. 

Funniest auditions on America’s got talent

here is the funniest auditions on America’s got talent all season. you must watch

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Is America’s Got Talent back in 2024?

Ever since its first premiere, the talent show takes place every year. There was no gap between 2006 and to date. People and viewers are always excited to watch new talents every year on this platform. 
So, we can say America’s Got Talent is back for the following year (2023). Interestingly, we are expecting some new and young talents before us. 

When is the next America’s Got Talent 2024? 

The audition for upcoming America’s Got Talent is live. If you are willing to perform then do not forget to visit their official website and send a short video. The official broadcaster last month declared that they are ready to roll out the 2023 version of America’s Got Talent next year. 


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