Blue Girls Club Casting Call 2023-24 audition
Blue Girls Club Casting Call 2023-24 audition

Apply Now Blue Girls Club Casting Call 2023-24: Blue Girls Club Auditions Season 5, Eligibility

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Blue Girls Club is a highly famous American reality television show that was created by Jonathan Murray. This show is abbreviated as BGC and was specifically created for the Oxygen network in the United States. 

The show focuses on altercations and physical confrontations. The show has aired 17 seasons successfully for fans and critics along with 275 episodes. Here are brief details related to this American reality show:-

Basic Overview

Show name Blue Girls Club
Genre Reality television show 
Country of origin United States 
Running Time 40-45 minutes 
Created by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray 

What is BGC Reality Show? 

BGC is all about seven aggressive, unruly, and quarrelsome women. These girls would need to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a big mansion for three months. Now, during their stay in this big mansion, all the girls will need to follow rules and regulations. If they do not follow those rules then they will be disqualified. 

The format of the first season of BGC differs from all the subsequent seasons. But, all the rules applied in the first season are the same in all subsequent seasons. 

Entry Criteria for The show

To become a participant in Blue Girls Club one must need to fulfil all the requirements. Here are some of the entry criteria that one must follow to become a member of BGC:-

  • All the applicants must be at least 21 years old and not below that 
  • Every candidate must be from the United States and not from any other country 
  • All candidates must have a valid proof of ID to show that they are a valued resident at the United States
  • Applicants must not have a criminal background to apply for this show 
  • He or she must not have applied for this show previously or else they will not be applied for the recent season 

These are some of the entry criteria that are required for the show. Make sure to follow them strictly so that it becomes easier for you to be selected by the casting director of the show.

Blue Girls Club casting call audition 2023
have a look for BGC

How to Apply for Blue Girls Club 2023 Season 5? 

The application process for Blue Girls Club is given below. Make sure you follow them strictly to avoid any mistakes in the future. The steps are the following:-

  • Make sure you follow the official website of BGC for hiring or application alerts 
  • Make sure you follow all of their social media handles for hiring alerts and details 
  • After you visit their official website click on the “Apply” button 
  • After clicking on it a new page will open up where you need to fill all the personal details 
  • Make sure all the details are given correctly and you might need to upload a video of yourself 
  • Before clicking on the “Submit” button make sure you re-check all the information 

Where Can I Watch Blue Girls Club? 

The BGC’s first Show aired on Oxygen but, today this show is made available on a different network. People can easily watch the show exclusively on Hulu Plus. Other than that, you can either rent or purchase on Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and Amazon Instant Video. 

How to watch Blue Girls Club Season 1? 

BGC is one of those reality seasons that is available on various social media platforms. You can easily watch them for free and not pay any amount for them. 

The first season of Blue girls Club is currently streaming on their official YouTube channel. Interestingly, you can view all the episodes airing on their official channel. 


Q. Is Blue Girls Club back in 2023? 

Ans. Unfortunately, Oxygen the official network of BG Club has cancelled this controversial reality show. 

Q. Where to watch Blue Girls Club

Blue Girls Club is one of those reality seasons that is available on various social media platforms. You can easily watch them for free and not pay any amount for them. 

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