Apply for cbs survivor 45 casting call 2023 New Audition Update
Apply for cbs survivor 45 casting call 2023 New Audition Update

CBS Survivor 45 Casting Call 2023-24, how to sign up for survivor 45 Applications?

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CBS Survivor 45 Casting Call 2023-24: We all know this unique and highly attractive surviving television series. Interestingly, Survivor has launched a new chapter of their grammy-winning series for the audience. Survivor 45 will be coming for the fans and critics quite soon.

Further, in this article, we will cover almost everything of Survivor 45. Some of the basic parameters we will cover are what is Survivor 45, Survivor 2023 judges, Survivor season 45 location, host, requirements, casting process, and many more.

What is CBS Survivor 45?

Survivor will tape their 45th season between May and early July this year. Survivor is an American television series that have franchises in almost every major country. It is where contestants are stranded to a remote island.

They are further told to survive in the wild by any means. Interestingly, on the way, these contestants face many challenges which they need to overcome. The better you perform the better it becomes for you to win the game.

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CBS Survivor 2023 Judges

For the upcoming season we are not expecting any new faces but, no confirmation is made yet. Moreover, we are not sure if the same judges will be returning or new faces will be added for the upcoming season.

CBS Survivor Season 45 Host

The host of Survivor is surely one of the reasons why people watch the show. We are expecting the same host Jeff Probst to be coming for the upcoming season. Interestingly, he is also an Emmy Award winning host.

Location of CBS Survivor 45 2023-24

Unfortunately, for the upcoming season the location has not been revealed by the official team. Almost every season of this surviving show has been located on different locations around the world.

The 44th season of this show was filmed in Fiji so we could expect the same location for its upcoming season.

Survivor 45 Casting Call Requirements

If you are willing to join this famous American surviving show- Reality Show then you must go through the casting requirements. Casting requirements is something that one must take very seriously. Now, some of the casting requirements of Survivor are the following:-

  • All the contestants must be the citizen of United States and they must be living in the same country
  • All the contestants must be physically active and must know some survival skills to attract the judges during auditions
  • All the applicants must authorize producers to conduct a background check so that everything goes well
  • The age limit of applying must be above 18 years

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How to sign up for CBS survivor 45 Casting Process

The casting or audition process (In Addition, We have added many other Newly Casting Call 2023-24) for Survivor is given below:-

  • Visit the official CBS website where you will see a Survivor tab and you will find 17 page entry form
  • You need to complete everything that has been asked to you in that particular form
  • Some of the questions you need to fill are do you have tattoos, describe yourself in three words, what is your perfect day, do you suffer from any illness or not, and many more
  • Make sure you answer all the questions truthfully because if you do not inherit any of those skills then they might not take you
  • After you have completed the written answers then you need to make a short video of yourself of the skills you have
CBS Survivor 45 Casting Call 2023
Survivor 45 Audition

When is the Best Time to Apply for Survivor 45 Audition

The best time to apply for the Survivor audition is when they have finished shooting for a season. The casting calls or auditions starts in the Fall of every year. Make sure you are free during that time of the year and start applying.

When is Survivor 46 Audition?

Officially CBS has not given any clue about CBS Survivor 46 Casting Call. So once we will get any update about Survivor 2024, We will update here.


Q1.Is Survivor 45 coming back in 2023?

Yes, Survivor 45 is coming back in 2023 and the application is current open.

Q2. Who are the CBS survivor 45 returning players?

Some of the expected returning players for the upcoming season are Gervase Peterson, Jenna Lewis, Susan Hawk, Kelly Wiglesworth, Richard Hatch, and Rudy Boeshch.

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