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Creed 3 Auditions & Creed 3 Casting Call 2023 Application for New Roles, How to Watch Creed 3

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Creed 3 Auditions 2023: What is Creed 3 About?

Creed is a sport and drama movie series that have successfully released two parts so far. Due to the high success and jaw-dropping reviews of its previous parts, the officials were bound to come up with its third instalment for the audience.

Creed 3 is all about dominating the boxing world. Adonis Creed is thriving both in his career and his social life. His childhood friend, Damian resurfaces after serving time in prison, he proves himself to deserve a shot inside the ring. Moreover, this movie is quite a lot about boxing and living life in it.

Creed 3 Casting Call Overview

The filming of the third part of Creed had already started back in January 2022. Some of the top cast who will be seen in the third part are Tessa Thompson, Florian Munteanu, and Wood Haris.

Interestingly, Jonathan Majors was asked to join the cast of Creed 3. We are going to see you in a lead role. Other than that, most of the cast will be new in the third installment of the movie.

What is the Plot of Creed 3?

The Creed movie series has delivered simple yet action-filled stories to the audience. We expect nothing less from the upcoming instalment of the famous movie series. It has been revealed that the third part will continue where the second part left off. So, there will be a tense beginning of the upcoming Creed.

Adonis Creed who is played by Michael B Jordan is still dominating the boxing world beating other boxers. But, this is soon going to change for him as his childhood friend and former boxer resurfaces after completing his serving time in prison.

Damian, the childhood friend of Adonis Creed hopes and wills to prove to the world that he deserves his shot in the big ring. He then slowly starts practicing boxing by visiting his former boxing club.

Then Adonis Creed and Damian reach the face-off boxing match. In the end, one will have to win the match and get the prize money. To settle the score, Creed must put his hard work and future into the line of this incredible battle. On the other hand, Damian has nothing to lose because he has no one.

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements for Creed 3 Auditions

The eligibility criteria for an average role at Creed 3 Casting Call are the following:-

  • The applicants must be 18 years and above
  • All the applicants must be valid residents of the United States of America
  • He or she must be present before the auditions of Creed 3’s shooting date
  • He or she must not be associated with any members of the Creed 3 cast
  • All the applicants must be able to relocate themselves if they are shortlisted

Creed 3 Casting Call Application Process

Here is the application process for Creed 3 Auditions:-

  • Visit Project Casting’s official website
  • All the open roles will be given there make sure you choose as per your criteria
  • Click on the role and it will lead you to a different page where you need to give your details
  • Read all the terms and conditions before you click on the ‘Submit’ button
Creed 3 Casting Call
Creed 3 Casting Call

How to get cast in Creed 3 Casting Call 2023

The final cast of Creed 3 is the following:-

  • Jonathan Majors
  • Michael B Jordan
  • Tessa Thompson
  • Canelo Alvarez
  • Wood Harris
  • Tony Bellew
  • Selenis Leyva
  • Spence Moore II


Q. Is creed 3 coming out?

Ans: Yes, Creed 3 is coming out very soon.

Q. Where can I watch Creed 3?

Ans: You can easily watch Creed on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.

Q. When does Creed 3 come out?

Ans: Creed 3 is all set to release on 3rd March 2023. 

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