Disney on ice Audition 2023
Disney on ice Audition 2023

How to get Cast Disney on Ice Audition 2024, Application, Casting Call, Eligibility Criteria,

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Walt Disney will always have a separate space in our hearts. The Walt Disney Company has entertained us for a long long time. Over the years, they have never disappointed us but, gave the best shows, movies, short films, and especially cartoons.

We all do have to agree to the fact that, we have learned many things from The Walt Disney Company’s shows, films, short films, and cartoons. Other than that, we are sure everyone has a special character from this American multinational, mass media, and entertainment conglomerate. 

Over the years, Disney has featured a long list of different types of shows, movies, and cartoons. Similarly, we have Disney on Ice created by the Disney universe. This Reality Tv Show which was originally known as Walt Disney’s Word on Ice is a series of touring ice shows.

These ice shows are presented and produced by none other than Feld Entertainment’s Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice, Inc. 

Both these companies have come under an agreement with Walt Disney to produce and create such shows. All the shows, feature films, and short films produced by Feld Entertainment target children only. The show features all sort of figure skaters who portrays the roles of Disney characters.

Now, these characters are not unknown to children, they are taken from famous movies produced under The Walt Disney entertainment conglomerate. 

Moreover, children get to see their favorite characters on ice shows. This genre was founded back in 1981 and is running for more than 40 years now. Later, in 1987, Walt Disney’s World on Ice made its first international debut in Japan.

After that, Feld Entertainment hosted lots of international tours targeting children across the world. Yes, every one of them was highly successful across the country and the globe. So, this was all about Disney on Ice series. 

Disney on Ice Audition 2023-24

Who would not want to become a part of a such highly reputable and classic entertainment company? Everyone would love to put their effort even by entertaining people at this company. But, not everyone willing to participate in the series can be allowed to do so.

One must need to follow all the terms, conditions, and criteria kept by the officials of the show. If you are desperate to get into the show for participation then make sure to follow all the rules and criteria strictly. 

Yes, to get into Disney on Ice you need to go through an audition process. It is one of the major processes that you will face to become a part of the show. According to Feld Entertainment, the auditions for 2023/24 have already started for this show.

Make sure you do not forget to apply for it before the application processes are stopped by the officials of the show. 

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Interestingly, being a highly reputable entertainment company, the terms and conditions to enter into Disney on Ice as a participant is easy. They have not kept any strict rules for the ones who are willing to participate in the series.

Both non-skaters and skaters can apply for the auditions of Disney on Ice. But, we would highly recommend you learn skating before you apply for the show to participate. This is because most of the acts are done on ice and you will need to skate while participating in them. 

Disney on ice Audition 2023
Apply for Audition 2023

Disney on Ice Application 2023-24- How to Apply? 

Contacting Disney or its production company is quite easy. This is because Disney on Ice requires lots of participants who are willing to perform before a large audience. Moreover, the application process for Disney on Ice is given below:-

  • Make sure you visit the official website for Disney On Ice Audition for the audition process as per the date and time 
  • Always ensure to follow all the official social media handles of both The Walt Disney and Feld Entertainment.  This is because you will be updated on when and where they will be open for auditions 
  • You will need to read all the terms and conditions as per the officials of the show before sending your details for auditions 
  • To begin with the audition process all the individuals will need to email their portfolio, including resume, pictures, and video to IceShowCasting@Felding.com 
  • While uploading the video make sure it is in landscape or horizontal view. Other than that, mo slow-motion or sped-up images can be shared to the official email ID mentioned above

This is the application process of how one can be a part of Disney on Ice. Other than that, if you have any queries make sure to drop an email to Iceshowcasting@feldinc.com. The officials from the other side will try their best to solve any query you have. 

Step-by-step guide to get Cast Disney on Ice Audition 2024
Step-by-step guide to get Cast Disney on Ice Audition 2024: Credit feldentertainment.com

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements for Disney on Ice Auditions 2024

To participate in a show, film, competition, or reality show one must fulfil all the eligibility criteria and requirements set by the officials. Similarly, to participate in Disney on Ice one must fulfill all the eligibility criteria and requirements kept by the officials of the show. There will be a high chance of your selection if you follow them orderly and strictly.

As for the viewers, Disney On Ice is suitable for all ages but, they recommend ages two and more. Other than that, if you are 14 and under and is going to watch Disney on Ice then make sure to be accompanied by an adult. On the other hand, children who are under two years old can attend the show without a ticket. Now, here are the eligibility criteria and requirements for participants that they must follow:-

  • All the participants must be 18 years old and above 
  • All the participants must be graduated from high school 
  • They all must have the knowledge and be of junior/senior skating level
  • All participants or candidates must have strong edge and theatrical skills 
  • All participants must have the ability to work as a part of a team/team player
  • He or she should not have a criminal background or else they will be rejected straight away

How to Get into Disney Ice Audition

Get into Disney Ice Audition


One would surely not have believed that you can become a part of The Walt Disney environment so easily. This is a great opportunity for all those who fit all the Eligibility Criteria. Make sure you do not miss such an opportunity and just go for it as the officials are currently open for some auditions. Make sure you follow all the social media handles for more news and alerts related to Disney on Ice.


Q1. Will Disney on Ice back in 2024

Ans. Yes, It will come but it is official it’s not announced. Keep tune with us to get all updates on Disney on Ice audition 2024.

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