Fargo Casting Call 2023

Fargo Casting Call Season 5, Fargo Audition 2023, How to Apply

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Fargo Casting Call Season 5: Last year in February, FX Entertainment President revealed that the fifth season of Fargo have been given a green signal for Fargo Casting Call. So, ever since this exciting news the fans and critics are eagerly waiting for the release date of the fifth season of Fargo.


Now, the final casts or the lead casts are already made by the casting director. Other than that, it was revealed that Fargo needs extras for the filming of its fifth season. This news was posted on their official Instagram handle. Additionally, it was also cleared that the shooting for the fifth season will take place from October 2022- April 2023. Now, some of the casting call for the fifth season of Fargo is given in the table below:-

Fargo Casting Call Season 5

NameRoles they will play 
David RysdahlWayne Lyon
Sam Spruell Ole Munch
Nick GomezAgent Joaquin
Jessica Pohly Agent Myer
Fargo Casting Call 2023

Fargo Audition Season 5 Eligibility Criteria

To audition for any show you must go through its eligibility criteria. In the same way, the main roles are already booked for top-class actors and actresses. Additionally, all the extras including the big roles can be auditioned from Backstage.

Now, the eligibility criteria for Fargo season 5 casting call are the following:

  • All ethnicities are needed
  • Anyone from age 6-90 years can apply
  • Make sure you attend the audition five minutes before the given time
  • Near the shooting, location is highly preferable

These are some of the eligibility criteria set by the production team of the fifth season of Fargo.

How to Apply for Fargo Season 5 Casting Call?

To apply for the audition of any such huge show there is always a long list of formalities. Interestingly, that is not the case with the fifth season of Fargo. The requirements asked by the concerned team are very simple and anyone who met their criteria can easily be a part of this huge production.

The application process for Fargo casting calls is very simple and they are the following:-

  • Visit (https://castingt.com/auditions/open-casting-call-for-fargo-season-5) this website of Backstage
  • You will see a “Apply Now” button, click on that
  • After you have clicked on it a new page containing all the details of the roles will open up
  • Then provide your official email ID and password for the login process then fill in all the details and submit them

Application Process for Extras

Now, the production team is keenly looking for extras for the fifth season. Fortunately, the final deadline for this process is not given so if you fit the criteria then apply as soon as possible.

  • The application process for extras is the following:-
  • Click a recent photo of yourself with full contact details on it
  • Make sure to send it to fargoextras@gmail.com
  • The concerned department will contact you if you are shortlisted
Fargo Casting Call Season 5
Fargo Casting Call held in Calgary

Fargo Casting Call Season 5 Audition Date

Now, if you are applying for extras for the fifth season of Fargo then there is no deadline for it. But, for the main roles in the show, all the audition dates are over. If any lead actors or actresses are willing to audition for any of its lead roles then they cannot do it now.

On the other hand, people as extra can easily apply for the role they are looking for easily. But, you must make sure that you apply before April 2023. This is because the shooting for the fifth season is taking place in Calgary and will finish in April 2023. So, make sure you do not waste any more time and send a recent photo including all contact details and send it to its official website.

Fargo Season 5 Release Date

By now, you all will know that the shooting for the fifth season of Fargo is yet to be over. When the shoot is incomplete then how can you get the release date from the concerned team or the director?


The shooting for its fifth season started back on October 2022 and will finish this year in April. As of now, no confirmed release date has been announced. Still, you can expect the new season by mid 2023.

Extras Casting Call – Fargo Season 5

Shooting will take place in Calgary and surrounding areas Oct 2022-April 2023