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How to Apply for Naked and Afraid 2023 Audition? Naked and Afraid Casting call Season 15

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Naked and Afraid 2023: America is highly known for generating special reality shows for viewers. Similarly, we have Naked and Afraid, which is one of the best shows out there. Naked and Afraid is a highly famous American reality series. This show exclusively airs on DDiscovery Channel. 

The show is all about survival in the jungle and nothing else. We can see several pairs of strangers who will need to survive on an island or the selected location from the officials of the show. All of these strangers will face enormous challenges throughout their journey at the end of the show. So, people should have survival skills to survive in harsh conditions. 

Naked and Afraid 2023 Overview

Narrated byMichael Brown
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons14
No. of episodes188 (as of June 19, 2022) 
Running time60 minutes
Production companyRenegade 83
Original networkDiscovery Channel
Original releaseJune 23, 2013 –

Plot Story of Naked and Afraid 2023

Naked and Afraid: Solo is a reality series that is only about survival. So, all the contestants must have enough good survival skills and knowledge to survive in the wild. This successful show has aired 14 successful seasons so far for all fans and critics in the market. 

The main plot story of the upcoming version of Naked and Afraid: Solo is quite the same. This version will follow the participants who will face heavy challenges. They will be known as the most battle-tested survivalists on the show. Interestingly, all of these participants will stay in the location for 21 days straight. 

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Entry Criteria for Naked and Afraid Audition 2023

Every reality competitive show have entry criteria that need to be fulfilled. If you are desperately willing to participate in the show then make sure you follow all the rules to participate in the auditions of Naked and Afraid. 

Make sure you follow these simple entry criteria for Naked and Afraid Audition 2023:-

  • All applicants must be at least 21 years old and above. Below that age limit will not be allowed to participate in the show
  • Candidates who are willing to apply must not be a candidate for public office 
  • He or she should be from the hosting country only and must have a valid proof of ID 
  • He or she should be both mentally and physically fit to apply for the show. Other than that, a brief background check will be conducted related your medical issues if any 
  • Applicants must not have a criminal background or else they will not be allowed to participate in the show

How to apply for Naked and Afraid 2023? 

Here is a simple process of how you can apply for any new season of Naked and Afraid. Make sure you follow all the processes and steps properly. 

  • Make sure you visit the official website ( the company for audition details 
  • After you have visited the official website you will be required to fill an application form
  • Make sure you follow all the social media handles of Naked and Afraid for the audition openings and alerts 
  • Fill out the application form with proper details asked by the website 
  • You might need to upload a survival video including the skills you have so that the casting directors can see what skills you inherit 
  • After uploading the details and video make sure you click on the “Submit” button that will be present below
Naked and Afraid 2023 Audition
Naked and Afraid 2023 Audition

Where to Watch Naked and Afraid Online? 

Naked and Afraid can be watched exclusively on Hulu for American viewers. If you are a new member and are willing to watch this show then you can get a first-month free trial from the platform. 

Live Audition video for Naked and Afraid Online


Q1. When does Naked and Afraid Come back on 2023? 

Ans: Naked and Afraid have returned with its 15th instalment for all the fans and critics. This new season started airing on February 19th, 2023.


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