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the next level chef UK 2023

Next Level Chef contestants 2023 UK: Meet the chefs on NLC UK’s new ITV series

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The UK version of Next level Chef Contestants has been announced. The Cooking Based reality show is now ready to rock on Television on ITV1 Channel.


This year, The judges of Next level Chef will be Gordon Ramsay, Paul Ainsworth, and Nyesha Arrington.

Who is the Next Level Chef Contestants 2023

This season 12 Participants will compete to win a hefty £100,000 award, the victorious contestant will also receive a year of mentorship from the judges.

Next Level Chef contestants – Three teams of 12 contestants take turns taking the stage on one of the three floors.

1Gurpreet25Gravesend, KentRestaurant Demi Chef de PartieParticipants
2Jade34Near Ormskirk, LancashireSocial media cookParticipants
3Kelly45Dunmow, EssexHome Cook and ex-proParticipants
4Layla41LondonEvents CatererParticipants
5Callum26Prestwick, ScotlandEx-chef and ParalympianParticipants
6Tia50BirminghamHome CookParticipants
7Gold50Kings Langley, HertfordshireHome CookParticipants
8Toby22LiverpoolRestaurant Sous ChefParticipants
9Ronan25LondonHome CookParticipants
10Selwyn63Lympsham, SomersetPrivate ChefParticipants
11Temi 27LondonSocial media chefParticipants
12Tony40Theddingworth, LeicestershireSuperyacht chefParticipants
Next Level Chef Contestants 2023

Next Level Chef Judges 2023

Here is the final & confirmed list of Next Level Chef UK 2023 Judges

Gordon RamsayBritish chef, restaurateur, television personality and writer
Paul AinsworthBritish chef 
Nyesha ArringtonAmerican chef, television star, activist, and entrepreneur
Next Level Chef Contestants 2023
Next Level Chef Contestants 2023

Next Level Chef Host

This year 2023, Gordon Ramsay will be the host and presenter of the cooking-based Reality show Next Level Chef UK. He also acts as a mentor for the contestants.

The Next Level Chef UK Launches in UK 2023


Gordon Ramsay Goes Behind the Scenes on Next-Level Chef

Gurpreet, 25, Gravesend, Kent, Restaurant Demi Chef de Partie

Gurpreet is a young chef who works as a Demi Chef de Partie at a restaurant in Kent. This position is typically considered a junior role in a professional kitchen, but it still requires a significant amount of culinary skill and knowledge.

Gurpreet likely works under the supervision of a more senior chef, such as a Chef de Partie or Sous Chef, and is responsible for preparing certain dishes or sections of the menu.

Working in a restaurant kitchen can be fast-paced and challenging, but it is also a great opportunity for young chefs like Gurpreet to hone their skills and gain valuable experience.

Jade, 34, Near Ormskirk, Lancashire, Social media cook

Jade is a cook who has gained popularity through her social media accounts. She likely shares recipes and cooking tips with her followers, and may also collaborate with brands or other influencers in the food industry.


The rise of social media has created many opportunities for talented cooks and chefs to build their personal brands and reach a wider audience. Jade’s success as a social media cook suggests that she has a strong understanding of current food trends and a talent for creating engaging content.

Kelly, 45, Dunmow, Essex, Home Cook and ex-pro

Kelly is a former professional chef who now works as a home cook. This suggests that she has a deep knowledge of cooking techniques and ingredients, but has chosen to move away from the high-pressure environment of a professional kitchen.

As a home cook, Kelly likely focuses on creating delicious, healthy meals for her family and friends. Her experience as a professional chef may give her an edge in terms of skill and creativity, and she may also have a network of industry contacts that she can draw on for inspiration and advice.

Layla, 41, London, Events Caterer

Layla works as an events caterer, which means she is responsible for creating and delivering food for large-scale events such as weddings, corporate events, or festivals.

This can be a highly demanding job, as she must be able to prepare and transport food for large numbers of people without sacrificing quality or safety.

However, it can also be highly rewarding, as it allows her to showcase her creativity and culinary skills on a grand scale.


Callum, 26, Prestwick, Scotland, Ex-chef and Paralympian

Callum is a unique individual who has had success both as a chef and as a Paralympian. While we don’t know the specifics of his culinary career, his experience as a chef may have helped him develop the discipline and focus needed to succeed in athletics.

Similarly, his experience as an athlete may have helped him develop the physical and mental toughness needed to work in a professional kitchen. Callum’s varied background suggests that he is a highly motivated and skilled individual who is able to succeed in a wide range of contexts.


Tia, 50, Birmingham, Home Cook

Tia is a home cook, which suggests that she is passionate about food and cooking but has chosen not to pursue a career in the culinary industry. Home cooks like Tia often develop their skills through years of practice and experimentation and may have their own unique recipes and cooking techniques.

Tia may also be a part of a community of home cooks who share recipes and tips online or in person.

Gold, 50, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, Home Cook

Gold is another home cook who likely has a deep love of food and cooking. As with Tia, we don’t know the specifics of Gold’s background or skills