Warrior Season 3 Audition, Release Date & Filming Details

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Warrior is a 2019 action series similar to murder mystery 3 & War of the world season 4 that instantly became one of the most highly appreciated series soon after the release of its first season. This action/ martial arts/ drama series currently has got two seasons under its belt and both seasons were well received not only by its viewers from all across the globe but by the critics as well.


According to IMDb, the series has received a rating of 8.4/10 and according to Rotten Tomatoes, the show received 89% fresh which is a very good score.

warrior season 3

Fans and viewers of the show may already know that the series is coming back with its third season. It was back in November 2022, when KFTV had reported that the series had finally wrapped up their shooting for the third season. Prior to this the news of cancellation of the show had disappointed its fans as Cinemax had cancelled it but HBO Max have picked it up for a 10 episode season back on April 14th 2021.

Will There Be Season 3 of Warrior?

Yes, there will be yet another addition season to the martial arts/ drama genre series. Fans have never been happier before about the fact that they will be able to see once again their favorite characters on the screen reprising their respective roles in a new season. Cinemax, which is the official network of the series had announced that the second season of the show would be the last as they had decided to cease production.


However, luckily HBO Max had soon decided to take over the series production responsibility and announced to the fans that the series had been moved on to them. This means that there is yet going to be another season which the viewers were eagerly waiting for. 

Warrior Season 3 Release Date

The wait for the arrival of the third season seems to be finally over for the fans and viewers from all across the globe. Well, this is because Warrior season 3 will be releasing on June 29th, 2023 on HBO Max. It is expected that the story of the third season will just be the continuation of its previous season and is going to be filled with action just like its previous two seasons. 

The production was wrapped up a few months ago in Nov 2022 thus giving the production team ample amount of time to work on their story. Fans and viewers can once again expect the original casts returning back and reprise their original roles in the third season as well. 


Warrior Season 3 Cast

While most of the fans are expecting the return of the original casts in the third season but a huge surprise awaits because there is going to be some new faces in it. However, let us have a look at the casts those who will be once again be seen in the third season along with some new faces. 

  • Andrew Koji as Ah Sahm
  • Olivia Cheng as Ah Toy
  • Jason Tobin as Young Jun
  • Dianne Doan as Mai Ling
  • Kieran Bew as Bill O’Hara
  • Dean Jagger as Dylan Leary

New faces 

  • Mark Dacascos as Kong Pak
  • Chelsea Muirhead as Yan-Mi
  • Telly Leung as Marcel
  • Kevin Otto as Horace Clark
  • Adam Rayner as Douglas Strickland 

Warrior Season 3 Audition

The auditions for the third season may have been over by now because the shooting wrapped up a couple of months ago last year in Nov 2022. The team did look for new faces for roles to be filled in and they have done that as well. The casting choice has been so far so brilliant and every single actor is doing a great job in their respective roles.

However, if you wish to be a part of the third season of Warrior then you can contact your agent and ask him to get in touch with the casting team directly. If the team is looking for a fresh new cast then they may call you up for the audition process. But, all in all, since the shooting is completed being a part of the third season seems almost impossible. 


How To Be On Warrior Season 3?

Being a part of Warrior season 3 has now become an impossible dream for many actors. But, if the showrunners decide to hire some new cast then you can be a part of it. Contact your agent to get in touch with the casting team of Warrior.