young rock casting call 2023
young rock casting call 2023

NBC’s Young Rock Casting Call 2023, Cast, Casting Calls, and How to Apply for Auditions

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Young Rock Casting Call: Young Rock has successfully aired three seasons so far. Yes, the fourth season of the show is not canceled yet. The audition casting call for the fourth season of Young Rock is ongoing as of today.

We are surely going to see some familiar faces in the fourth season. Unfortunately, the lead cast for the fourth season is yet to be confirmed. So, the Young Rock Casting Call for the fourth season are yet to be confirmed to the world yet. So as of now, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that all our favorite stars will return for the fourth season.

NBC’s Young Rock Season 4 Casting Roles

The fourth season of this Sitcom will surely return and this time with a great bang for its critics. The story of this television series is based on the life of the professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson.

As of now, the official statement for its fourth season is yet to be made. So, the plot of the upcoming fourth season will be from the life journey of Dwayne Johnson. Now, the expected casting roles for the upcoming season are given in the table below:-

Cast namesRoles
Dwayne Johnson (Himself)Dwayne Johnson
Joseph Lee AndersonRocky Johnson
Stacey LeiluaAta Johnson
Ana TuisilaLia Maivia
Adrian GroulxDwayne Johnson (age 10)
Bradley ConstantDwayne Johnson (age 15)
Randall ParkRandall Park
Young Rock Casting Call 2023

NBC’s Young Rock Season 4 Casts

Casts are one of the most significant parts of a television series, show, and movie. Interestingly, the cast of a Young Rock has been quite exciting. We have seen some of the young and world-famous faces in all of its three seasons that have aired so far.

Now, the fourth season of this television series is yet to be confirmed by the officials. So, we could expect the same cast to return in the fourth season of Young Rock. But, as per its last episode premiere date, we could expect the fourth season to premiere on July 2023.

young rock casting call 2023
Young rock casting call 2023

Now, some of the famous casts that we might see in the upcoming season of this television series are the following:-

  • Stacey Leilua
  • Joseph Lee Anderson
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Ana Tuisila
  • Fasitua Amosa
  • Bradley Constant
  • Adrian Groulx
  • Uli Latukefu

Young Rock Casting Call Season 4 Criteria

The casting criteria highly depend on the role that the production team is offering. Additionally, the age limit, gender, appearance, and many more will depend on the role itself.

Interestingly, as of now, the production team is looking for extras to work in the fourth season of the television series. The standard casting criteria for Young Rock are given below:-

  • Must be willing to work hard
  • Must be from near the shooting area or location
  • He or she must fulfill all the requirements for the role that has been asked

How to apply for the Young Rock Season 4 Audition?

The application process for this Sitcom series is quite formal. To apply for such big projects try not to visit any third-party websites. This is because visiting or applying through any third-party websites can lead to fraudulence.

Now, there are three websites where you can visit for audition details and they are Backstage, NBC’s official website, and casting call. Other than that, you may follow the official social media pages of this show for audition and casting details.

The application process for the fourth season of Young Rock Casting Call is the following:-

  • Visit this website or Backstage
  • You will get all the shows that are open for the audition process including the one you are looking for
  • You will get a ‘Apply Now’ button
  • Make sure you click on it and it will lead you to a different information-filled page
  • Make sure you fill in all the information correctly and re-check them again before submitting them.

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